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Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Five: Practical Life Edition

 I am getting so inspired with Lori's Friday Five over at her blog Montessori MOMents, I have already linked up once today with my children's favorite five advanced practical life activities, but I am on a roll with this and I thought I would share what is the latest favorite practical life activities among the primary students right now.

1. Packaging eggs. Oh how they love this! They have no idea that they are building their concentration skills up and gentle touches have been reinforced, they haven't cracked an egg yet!

2. Making a necklace. An oldie but a goodie! This work is always available on the shelf year round. I just replace the type of beading and it is used.

3. Independent Snack Time. Making jelly sandwiches was well received.

4. Mastering scooping with task cards. Which leads to another practical life lesson in sweeping for some:) and some exploratory sensorial skills too.

5. Learning to use a rolling pin with play doh and a cookie cutter. Again this activity is always a winner.

I hope you have enjoyed this Friday Five: Practical Life Edition you can pop over here to get some more ideas for your practical life shelves.

Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. I never even thought of using packaging eggs. I'm adding that to my shelf immediately! As soon as school starts back up for us. Thanks for linking up x's two. :) Great practical life materials!

  2. Thanks for all the explanations of your materials!
    I really like the material for making a necklace! It's beautifull!


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